Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Amber ChiA

We were walking around the pavilion on the 6th Floor.... looking at the nice tangling red flowers

Then we passed by this very posh Kampachi Jap restaurant.

LOok !!! We spotted Amber chia!! hehehe...She is sooo beautiful & elegant in real!


Creamster said...

alala ... so far away, can't see Amber Chia at all ... you should go nearer bah!

ekeng said...

she is not Amber Chia la..she is my girlfriend..haha ;p

WoMbOk™♂ said...

Ekeng~ how dare you talk about my wife! LOL kidding bro :) hehe.

oh man.. she's smokin hawt.

Denise can be paparazzi already.

Denise said...

cream: haha, too obvious if I paste myself to the glassDoor & take pic =p

ekeng&WBok: Wahh... I dint know Amber has such a bad taste in ch00sing her male frens ah =p~=p~

ekeng said...


Anonymous said...

her european bf there as well ?

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