Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hong Kong Recipe (Gam Tong), Warisan Square

Dad at first suggested to go Fish&Co , and it was 8:20 pm , and we're still in the "waiting-list" ah !!! so ... ! and that guy says Give him 3 minutes! then we will have seat, but when I looked around... my..... more than 6 tables are still waiting for their food ah ! I Think by 9:30pm I still cant eat ! SORRY! My stomach can't tolerate with that "3 minutes'! * LOlz *

So we pigged out at Gam TOng ! first time I had my dinner with my family here! Happy that they all loved the food !!!

Octopus : $12 (Moderate, according to my sis)

Duck Drum Noodle : $8.80 ( GOOD!)

Shrimp Wan Tan soup : $6.80 ( THe WanTan is GOOD!)

Shrimp with Spinach Noodle : $7.50 ( VERY GOOD the NOODLE)

SpareRibs set :$ 8.80 ( mum says taste great!!, and the plain rice very nice!)

Baked Sliced FIsh with White Sauce : $13.80 ( Dad says nice! & Lots of Fish)

Baked rice with Taiwan Sausage : $12.80 (Good! Chewy sausage)

They have improved their menus a bit (as compared to previously) ..good!


WoMbOk™♂ said...

woa.. the duck noodle looks really nice..

ekeng said... wonder KK have a nice HK Char Chan Teng..the cheese baked rice look wonderful :)

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