Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Winter Solstice !

Before I blog about food, my godness ! Winter Solstice " Jou-Dong " suppose to be a Good/First start of a New Year for Chinese ! * is going to be a Ratsy year *
Story A
I woke up at 7:30am today ! before that, THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me chance to have seen him "AGAIN" in dream ! my.... Godness ! I been seeing him in my dreams "MORE THAN" the chances of meeting him ! what is this hah ! This time worse! I was holding a cake! and He was in front of me, holding a car key, and about to send me to give the cake! HAHAHHAHAHAHHa
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME FROM THE DREAM!!! hahahahahha, I know FIL is going to have his "sweet 16" soon ! But PLEASE! not so early in my dream okay! hahahahahhahaha

Story B
I went to see doctor at Lintas this morning after yum cha. I brought seng seng along with me when I go into the consultancy room.

doc: Morning, so, "ALL TOGETHER" how many kids u have?
me:"!?!??!? *#*#%$^# " I'm still SINGLE! He's just my cousin
doc: *Laughs* alrite...

whye! I looked like a mum is it ? =D I'm been wearing mini jean skirt & polo shirt! I already look very "giRL" ! hahahah ! still got ppl asked if he's my son!!! ???

still... my FIL is good to me!! He says " wow u look so much younger than ur age"! sweet !

This year, we celebrate from Lunch. We invited grandparents to have lunch . Here's are some of the Lunch pic. Dinner time will be eating with my 'SON"! =p Not making Glutinous balls la.. as I'm not feeling so well..

mum's favourite mixed vege

Roasted Duck

mum's Kailan with mushroom, ham & abalone

Char Siew

Siew Yuk!


Steamed Chicken

Mushroom Chicken with sea cucumber


Creamster said...

hahahahaha ..... Aunty Denise!

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

cuz-in-law to be..where is my share of all those food arr? (((cry))) you have no idea how my tongue wasdropping out of my mouth with saliva running down with eat looking at all those ngongok foood (((cry))) I WANT LAH!!! hungry now...and btw, hope you get well soon k :)

Tony Hii said...

What a misjudgement by the doc!

ekeng said...

oh...what a lovely family gathering..Poor Denise,luckily u didn't kick the doctor ass..haha :)

Denise said...

Creamy: why u call urself too? =p

Clarity: *Lolz* no worries, my food always for "in-laws"! hahahah

Tony: Oh well, may be I dont have dead drop body to tell Hey i'm Still a Single in Town! hahahahaa

Ekeng: I almost want to squeeze his neck like chicken neck!!

WoMbOk™♂ said...

That's why doctors... or people in general should never ask questions like that. If in doubt, don't ask! keke.

Ai.. its half an hour more till lunch.. and i am seeing pics of all my favourite meats........ -_-`

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