Sunday, November 4, 2007


HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, my buddies will definitely laugh at me when they're seeing this ! Cuz they KNEW how "WORST" is my chinese!! eventhough I m graduated from TTSS ar =p~

Anyways, I watched this Taiwan Cooking Show the other day, & finally I try out! & just like how the TV host described, very delicious & 一点都不苦 ! !

1 bittergourd (pick those "straight" & with Clear big pattern")
2 salted eggs + 1 chicken egg white

a. Steamed the salted eggs Yolk with some Rice Wine / Cooking Wine for 10 minutes. ( Adding wine while steaming is to get rid off the eggy smell)
b. Sliced the Bittergourd, and Boiled with some Hot water & oil. Dish out
c. Mix 1 salted egg whilte + 1 normal egg white, whisk a bit. put aside first.
c. Heat up the wok, add-in oil, until very HOT, add in the mixed egg white, stir fry a bit, then add in boiled bittergourd. Fry a bit
d. Add 1 Tablespoon Cooking Wine, bit of salt & pepper.
e. Lastly, throw in the salted eggs yolk. stif a bit, then Dish up!

Anyways, I picked a slightly white-bittergourd. Serious, really no bitter taste at all! dunno lah, normally I m eating the Green one, and quite bitter, but, still I love them !

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ekeng said...

actually i dont like to eat bitterourd,but this 咸蛋苦瓜 look i decide to give it a try :)

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