Sunday, October 28, 2007

MeeHoon with Salted Fish, Dried Shrimps & Sabah Vege

Ha! Again, I "steal" Terri's recipe. Hahahaha... Terima Kasih Banyak Banyak ar~
I Have a long list of hers' golden recipe in my mind Q-ing up (e.g. Parmesan Pork la..Quiche la...steamed Taro kueh la....Trufle la..lamington la...Etc x100) for me to cook la... slowly.. I will load it one by one...

ok, click the following link for...
  1. Original recipe of Mi Hun With Salted Fish, Dried Shrimps N Sabah Vege
  2. Write-up for Sabah Vege

My mee ho0n, I changed a bittttt only.

  • I cook the vege 1st with salt & oil in a boiled water. (Just a toss & off fire) --> my mum ask me to do that, cuz she said my vege are a lot.
  • I pan fried my diced Dried shrimps , slated fish with minced Garlic. Off Fire and scope a side.
  • Heat up my wok, bit of oil, stir in Cut Chillies, then sprinkle some salts, and put in Mee hoon. Like Terri says, must work with pair of chopsticks.
  • Here, toss in the fried shrimps, salted fish, vege, some fish sauce and WORK fast!!!! MIXED Fast!! before the mee hoon get over-heated and start cuddle up & stick in a paste!
  • Dish up & eat!

Verdict: REALLY , REALLY have to know your mee-hoon well! hahahahahhaha I failed once in the early morning. It was my first time using this thin-meehoon (normally i used the regular, a bit fat & curly that one), and I didnt know they dont like too heated wok, and ended up like burnt-crisp-meehoon! * Lolz *
SO, I COOKED again! ahhahahah, this time, I learnt from mistake... and finally I made it!! HurrAy!!!


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

cograts, tt looks so so yummy i'm stopping myself frm licking the screen.

Denise said...

A teacher is better than 2 books.
Reading ur blog, save me from buying recipe books that never give u tips!

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