Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hot Sunday...

AIks, dad brought us to this shop... i forgot to take the shopname.. it's same row with Nam-Hing Restaurant at Gaya Street.. this Shop, famous with their fish-Thingy.. (tofu pok stuffed with fish paste, tofu skin with fish fillet..etc).. and was on one of the Local Magazine! ( BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! frankly speaking, for me, so so only la... my maggie mee at home pun sedap than this =p~

Fish Soup with mee/meehoon

Fish Laksa with mee hoon... nah.....

and it's RM5 per bowl... for me, dont worth a second try la =p

after a long walk at Gaya Street, we went to this Merdeka again.. hahahah, and I spotted this SUPERMAN-GO
THanks to this cup of mango!! it lighten up my daY!!! after a lousy breakfast.. hahahah

hehee... while the lady busy blending my mango.. here some snapshots...

Dang Dang Dang Dang !!!!! my mango!!! ahhaha... i m so happy!!! i should have showed my [ v ] with my mango.. i saw how the lady blend it.. a mixure of ice cubes... with mango concentrates , after that mix a scope of Vanilla ice-cream.. and few drops of sweeten milk.. and cubes of Mango! .. wowww... my $4.50 definitely WORTH the value!!!!!!!!! =p~

After my drink, i m like smile from ear to ear...HAHahhahahah =p~

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