Saturday, July 14, 2007

MoonBell , KK

They served Northen Chinese Food! ahhahaha , this is the only 2nd time i visited them. The firsit time i had was their Ramen, with lamb soup and slices of meat. (Mutton)

nah, part of the menu, actually i wanted to order the " seafood stuffed Brinjal "... and guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my mum terus say, Blood O cannot eat Brinjal ah! ( Creamy u see~~) hahaha, in fact, i tot of my dad dont eat tat, and i also wanted to order salf & pepper squid, which highly recommende by the owner ! but too bad, mum says she just had squid last

ramen. Frankly speaking, the standard has drop as compare to my last visit! dunno why ah!! the broth not so flavourful oredi ah!!! taste like they had added some water , may be they're running out of soup Quah.. hahaha

Roasted Lamb. Nice!!

Chinese Cabbage + Tou Gan

Claypot Herbal Chicken. Dammit it! i been snaping 5 pic of this dish! and all of them are BLUR! why ah..!!

Salt & pepper sliced Fish. This is YummY! very special

The above cost me RM 89.00


*Kylie* said...

I think i know this gaya gai?^^

Denise said...

YEs, where your parents always go oonne

ThE st0ry beHinD the ShELL

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