Saturday, July 14, 2007

Food bercampuran ...

ehhehe.. my fish soup~ basically is fish ball into slices.... HAHAHahahhaha... sei yan yue dan ! he makes my life blossoming day by day! =p many thAnks to him . Never been that good in the past 3 yrs =p

THe skin! the Fu Zhuk Skin with fish paste! Wow.. SOooO good oh~

I dont like this ho-fun. cuz too ' white '! AHHahahah

Ok, this is my lovely aunty - JaneShiak's cornflake! ahhahaha, she's selling it, anyone want to buy ?

Banana Butter cake! I cant eat much, but i just couldnt resist it!!

WIN A CUP OF HAAGEN DAAZ ICE-CREAM AT TANJUNG ARU SHANG'RIA HOTEL, COCO JOE. ..... can anyone guess where i eat the above ice cream?


Creamster said...

u eat in coco beach lar ... But I'm interesting to know u WIN this ice cream from who?

Denise said...

this creamy must be ' mei fan seng '~ =p i ate this dessert, took a pic, and let you all guess where i eat this , so u will WON an ice cream FROM ME at coco beach =p
* DIT DIT * WRONG GUESS, i m not eating that at coco beach , guess again ^^^^ (-__-"")

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