Friday, May 4, 2007


my fren will be Surprised that I posted this drumstick pic!!! and i actually had these 2 drums! hahahaha... Knowing me, i hardly take drumsticks, unless i dont have choices to pick =p in fact I wont buy or choose drumstick, but, they just GIVEN me drumstick on my table.. i m speechless.. luckly it doesnt smell Stinky! !! ahhaha.. my reason of not eating drumstick is bcuz got a very strong chicken-smelt bah, i hate it.. nvm..

I have lunch with aunty at XO grill restaurant, sounds posh, but food SUCKS! i wont step in there the 2nd time.. it's a set menu, either choose chicken or Beef, it's mention "stuffed chicken" with mash potatoes and vege... so I was mapping in my mind, must be a piece of chicken breast meat, withstuffing inside la, like chicken gordon Bleu style...MANA TAU!!!!! deli.....

The smash potatoes very NOT NICe lah... i make also better than Them! deli.. hahahahha...basically the above is like 2 ouT of 10

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